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Barbados Lazy Week Holiday

Posted On Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Barbados has always been known as “Little England”. The Gem of the Caribbean for the English Empire and even with its independence it still holds the hearts of the English. Barbados is considered time and time again to be one of the more efficient holiday destinations, offering beauty, beaches, and simplicity but with a mix of all the modern needs in today’s world. So you have had a rough go of it and want to escape for a week, but not waste it. Not a probem, We have listed 5 things that will make your lazy vacation feel like you have actually taken part in activites while not giving up those days of relaxing and naps. 



A favorite for all travelers, The Beer of Barbados. Pour yourself a cool delicious Banks Beer after a long day on the beach. This native beer has been quenching the thirst of millions of holiday goers since 1961. Available across the island. The factory also offers a tour daily from 10 am to 2 pm where the team of Beer Ambassadors will guide you through the journey of production. If you dont feel like doing a tour, Beer can be purchased at any Supermarket or Petrol Station across the island. Grab a beer, hit the beach. 



An absolute must while you come to Barbados on Holiday, one of the days, you must go on a Catamaran Cruise. While there are a few companies and many options. Our favorite boat by far is Cool Runnings. Starting from 9:00 am and going to 2:00 pm daily, you can choose from a shared boat trip with other holiday goers. Starting with convenient pick up from hotel or guest house, Cool Runnings crew picks you up and takes to straight to the boat. From the moment you step on board, the atmosphere is full of energy and bliss. Spend the day drinking rum punch, a full island style buffet lunch, snorkeling with the turtles and just lying on the boat soaking up the sun. Once you return to land, don’t worry. Cool Runnings includes return transfers to hotel or guest house, so enjoy the boat! Drink, Eat, Dance, Swim. It’s what holiday is all about



Located on the south coast of Barbados, Particularly on a Friday night. Oistin’s Fish fry is one of the top things to experience. The layout is a perfect example of the casualness of Barbados. Set in the large fish market of Oistin’s, offering informal seating and fish stalls, take advantage of having your food cooked on the spot! That’s right, fresh fish cooked right in front of you. So what makes this so special? Not only the food but the atmosphere. There are art and craft items on sale, music, dancing and karaoke. Food is available from 7:00 pm when the party starts going but local insider tip- try to get there early for 6:00-6:30 pm as the lines can get long!



We all want that night out when on vacation, and Harbor Lights is one bar that fits that bill. Start night the off at the Beach Extravaganza dinner show. This show offers drinks, dinner and entertainment. Dance the night away to local Caribbean music. Dinner Show starts at 7:30 pm and runs to 11:00 pm. After this, Harbor Lights turns back in to a great local beach bar/ club. Enjoy free drinks till 2:00 am while dancing the night away to great modern music by the Dj.



This is why you came on vacation? To do nothing, relax, sleep, ignore the alarm clock. So this is it. Spend your mornings sleeping in, Its Island time! Take a few days to just recoup from your busy life. When you have woken up, saunter over to West Bar or Relish in Lime grove for a late breakfast, brunch or lunch. Maybe head to the beach for a few hours. Head back to your room for an afternoon nap or saunter around the stores in the Chattel village. Just don’t look at that watch.


These are our top five tiems for a lazy week vacation. Still get the best out of your holiday while taking the time to relax, sleep in and really reenergize!