How to Pack for your Caribbean Holiday

Posted On Wednesday, September 18, 2019

By far one of the biggest stresses would be packing for a Holiday. Packing for the unknown. Well, we have broken it down for you to assist in making sure you have all you need, without the heavy suit cases.  No matter what type of vacation you’re taking it is important to make sure that you pack the Essentials. Items like this include valid passport, Driver’s License and of course… Cell phone. Also make sure that you have some Cash in hand for when you arrive. Most of the Caribbean countries accept US dollars alongside their own currency.When it comes to clothing remember, the Caribbean is Hot. The ideal is lots of light, airy and light colored items. (Sta...

Barbados Lazy Week Holiday

Posted On Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Barbados has always been known as “Little England”. The Gem of the Caribbean for the English Empire and even with its independence it still holds the hearts of the English. Barbados is considered time and time again to be one of the more efficient holiday destinations, offering beauty, beaches, and simplicity but with a mix of all the modern needs in today’s world. So you have had a rough go of it and want to escape for a week, but not waste it. Not a probem, We have listed 5 things that will make your lazy vacation feel like you have actually taken part in activites while not giving up those days of relaxing and naps.   BANKS BEERA favorite for all t...